[Tagging] British term for municipal greenery?

Warin 61sundowner at gmail.com
Fri Jun 1 07:58:20 UTC 2018

On 01/06/18 05:20, Peter Elderson wrote:
> What would be a fitting term for municipal greenery? What I mean is 
> areas ranging from a few square meters to say a 200 m^2, maybe more, 
> shapes varying but certainly planned, with public maintenance, most of 
> the time as decorative separator strips shielding objects from sight 
> or passage, or just to fill up the land. We call that collectively 
> "gemeentegroen" that is "municipal greenery", because the municipality 
> owns the land and and has the flora maintained by the "greenery  
> service".
> Growth varies from just grass (as separator, not as park), large 
> flower beds which are renewed every year, bushes, low trees which 
> no-one would dare to call a forest, and mixtures. Thy might be bushes 
> one year, grass with flowers next year, and cactus-fields next year 
> because the mayor has visited Mexico.
Assume you trying to tag the use of the land?

landuse=flowerbed/garden are both present.
However if the thing changes from time to time it may be best to use a 
new value ... say landuse=decorative?

If you are trying to tag the land cover then


Note that this tag is poorly represented in the data base so it maybe 
usefull to dual tag with the misused tag natural=*

In either case you can add sub tag for operator=* .. eg name of 

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