[Tagging] How about a Fork? Re: The endless debate about "landcover" as a top-level tag

Rory McCann rory at technomancy.org
Fri Jun 8 09:34:30 UTC 2018

On 08/06/18 01:29, EthnicFood IsGreat wrote:
> I wouldn't mind if all the existing tags were replaced tomorrow with a 
> brand new set of "intelligently-designed" keys.  And I wouldn't mind if 
> these keys were enforced from now on.  And I wouldn't mind that I would 
> have to relearn all the tagging I now know.  Yes, it would be a "brave 
> new world," and not the OSM we know now.  Someone some time ago on one 
> of the OSM mailing lists summed up the current situation by stating, "It 
> seems OSM is incapable of moving forward."  Unless we ever have more 
> structure, I agree.

One way to try this could be to fork OSM? It's open data, go for it.

Set up a new project, and import the OSM data, and mass change the tags?
Replicate data from OSM, applying your data transformation programme
automatically? People can choose to contribute data to your project. You
can provide data downloads where data users can know that it's structured.

If your project is successful, then enough of the OSM community will
move there and you'll "win".

Yes it takes a lot of work, but what you're proposing is going to take
work anyway, so why not try?

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