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Sun Jun 10 14:55:44 UTC 2018

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> At Stations
> The First Class lounges are open Monday to Friday and are a great place to
> work or relax while you're waiting for a train. They offer complimentary
> refreshments, WiFi, fax and phone services are available.

Again, these are NOT waiting rooms.  They REQUIRE a purchase for use.  In
this instance, the purchase of a
first-class ticket.  They cannot be used without payment.

They're an argument for a subtag, perhaps (purchase_required, or free=no or
some such) but they are not arguments
for tagging waiting rooms amenity=lounge.  Perhaps an argument for
amenity=lounge as well as
amenity=waiting_room but I suspect that would cause more problems than it

I can be convinced.  Point me to evidence of widespread hospital lounges,
doctors' surgery lounges, dentists'
lounges, etc. and I will change my mind.  Until then, it appears that the
vast preponderance of waiting rooms
at railway stations compared to a handful of lounges, means that
amenity=waiting_room is the way to go.

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