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Could someone confirm that point to point or GPON fibre networks are
> connected to a telephone exchange building too?

I think that's a reasonable assumption that will rarely be incorrect.
Fibre was first used to replace many copper lines
between telephone exchanges and all else has been built upon from that.
First with ADSL where the DSLAMs were
in the exchange.  Later with FTTC and FTTP where the exchange was the star
point for tunnels/hubs/poles.  Note
for technical purists: that was a gross oversimplification.

> Can we call a fibre dedicated building a telephone exchange also ?
> A good question.  And the answer is, it depends.

LINX (London Internet Exchange) is an example of a fibre-dedicated building
that isn't about voice (although
VoIP may pass through it as just one component of all the traffic).  I
wouldn't call it a telephone exchange.

OTOH, BT/Openreach plans to switch all POTS over to VoIP over FTTC/FTTP.
When that happens the old
telephone exchanges will be fibre dedicated, but they will still be
telephone exchanges.

It's possible telcos have buildings that are star points for fibre trunks
with no local loops.  I wouldn't call those
telephone exchanges.  Depending on the packet protocols they may not even
be internet exchanges.

My feeling on this is that if it has local loops (or the FTTC/FTTP
equivalent) it's a telephone exchange; if it
doesn't have them it's not.

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