[Tagging] Street exits

Warin 61sundowner at gmail.com
Fri Jun 15 08:04:09 UTC 2018

I would tag a node



Perhaps a separate node for traffic_calming=table if you want to go to that detail.

This avoids drop or raised curbs and if they are understood for crossing a side street ..

I'd think curbs would usually follow the corners so that may be what renders and routers will do.

By placing the traffic calming there you have given the best chance of it being recognised.
And it is a lot less work than adding sidewalks etc.

Here the traffic calming devices don't have a 'speed limit' .. some have advisories but they cannot be enforced.

On 15/06/18 17:18, marc marc wrote:
> it look like a pedistrian crossing and a traffic calming
> highway=crossing + crossing=unmarked
> traffic_calming=table
> if the standard maxspeed for a traffic_calming is not the same
> as for a "street exit", the easy think todo is to create a new
> traffic_calming value like traffic_calming=street_exit
> Le 15. 06. 18 à 09:10, Peter Elderson a écrit :
>> Speed limit is only implied for the part crossing the sidewalk. The
>> street behind it can have different speed limits, usually it is part of
>> a "30 Kmph zone", but that is not implied or necessary.
>> The level of detail: sidewalks and kerbs are not usually mapped. It's
>> not realistic to start doing that just for these "exit constructions".
>> In fact, the exit may have dropped kerbs, but it might be a fat line or
>> double line, a line of different paving, a traffic bump or just that the
>> sidewalk paving stops.
>> Similar considerations for separate tagging of other details of paving,
>> elevation, lining. These are not fixed. The key element is that you
>> cross a sidewalk (and/or cycling lane).
>> Speed signs, give-way signs, shark teeth, stop-lines, bump warnings may
>> or may not be present. The idea is that all or most signs can be
>> removed: a. You are coming form an exit so slow down and give way! b.
>> It's coming from the right but it's an exit so move on!
>> We're looking for a simple way to indicate what's there without tagging
>> all the details and implications separately.
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>>      The street is residential, but the exit is over a sidewalk, with a
>>      dropped curb. That's the piece I'm talking about: not the street,
>>      just the exit.____
>>      __ __
>>      Rules (legally) implied are that traffic can pass over this
>>      sidewalk, but has to give way to all sides and all others including
>>      pedestrians. Speed is limited to 15 Kmph (living_street rules).____
>>      __ __
>>      __ __
>>      Only for that part where it crosses the sidewalk, or for the whole
>>      street behind it?____
>>      __ __
>>      As I’m normally mapping the kerb lines (way along the position of
>>      the kerb, with barrier=kerb and kerb=raised/lowered/rolled/flush) I
>>      would in this place have the highway crossing that kerb line, and
>>      would create an intersecting node (again tagged as barrier=kerb,
>>      kerb=lowered) (the same as when I’m mapping individual driveways,
>>      see: https://www.openstreetmap.org/edit#map=21/-27.21152/153.02620
>>      <https://www.openstreetmap.org/edit#map=21/-27.21152/153.02620> ).
>>      But not everyone wants to map to this level of detail.____
>>      __ __
>>      Maybe just a single barrier=kerb, kerb=lowered node on the highway
>>      to indicate that it has to cross the kerb?____

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