[Tagging] `amenity=shelter` implies `building=yes`?

Jo winfixit at gmail.com
Sun Jun 17 08:24:39 UTC 2018

most have 4 glass walls. The smaller type in the other picture is more
recent. Not much shelter from the elements in those. I guess that one could
be building=roof, but it wouldn't be much of a shelter without any roof at
all, so I took that as implied.

I have not seen many bus shelters mapped as buildings.


Op zo 17 jun. 2018 om 08:43 schreef Shawn K. Quinn <skquinn at rushpost.com>:

> On 06/16/2018 11:45 PM, Bryan Housel wrote:
> > Does `amenity=shelter` imply `building=yes`?
> If this is for bus stop/transit shelters, it would imply building=roof
> at minimum. The shelters here usually have three walls (sometimes only
> one wall) with the fourth side being open to the street, plus a canopy
> to protect from rain.
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