[Tagging] emergency=lifeguard

Bryan Housel bhousel at gmail.com
Tue Jun 19 14:06:16 UTC 2018

> This is not the first time, and you have stated more than once your idea of tag creation and endorsement is top down, with the software maintainer deciding the tags on the input side, sweeping away the confusing plurality of comunity created tags. 

That’s not really what I think - are you sure I said that?

I think the community should continue to invent tags, but if the tags that aren’t very good (as decided by people who work on software), I think we should have a process for replacing them.  You're right that this has been going on for a while, but starting now I’m trying to involve the community more rather than just changing things in the editor.

> There is no reason you shouldn't properly document the changes in tagging recommendation in the wiki via a proposal like all other mappers and developers do.

Proposals don’t work - see `transit:lanes`.. see the long thread about `landcover vs landuse`.  etc. etc.
This is the main reason I’ve decided to step up and take the lead on these things. 
The old process wasn’t working. 

> You won't be able to argue that it takes less time or is more efficient to discuss this on the tagging mailing list.

Truer words were never spoken..  I expect this to be a bit of a time sink, but I’m hoping some more people will step up and do some of the work necessary (and no, debating tags on a mailing list is not meaningful work).

I’m happy to do the work on the editor side, but we need people to work on actual tag migrations (either manually or via automated scripts), and we need a dedicated corps of volunteers who care about making the wiki simple and accurate. 

Thanks Bryan

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