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Tue Jun 19 16:16:09 UTC 2018

On Tue, Jun 19, 2018 at 4:24 PM, Jo <winfixit at gmail.com> wrote:

> Thanks for looking into this. I had already stopped caring about it and
> resorted to simply double tagging everything. Ilya Zverev even proposed to
> simply drop the "new" public_transport scheme and revert back to
> highway=bus_stop/railway=tram_stop in large part because it's not getting
> rendered. At some point I thought this whole scheme was a good idea, but it
> resulted in wiki pages saying that every stop supposedly needs to be mapped
> twice (once on the highway and once next to it) and added to all route
> relations twice, which to me seems absurd, but OK, I've given up on caring
> about that as well.

I find the documentation confusing.  But I can sort of see why it wants a
tag on the highway and a tag nearby.

1) I don't know if the routeing is up to it, but Google Maps will plot a
public transport route that includes
segments on foot.  If OSM routeing ever has a similar capability, you're
going to need a node on the highway
indicating stopping position (probably).

2) The stop position and the bus stop sign/shelter do not always coincide.
Often, with a stop sign, the front of
the bus (usually where the entrance door is) aligns with the sign.  Often,
with a shelter, the front of the bus aligns with
one or other end of the shelter.  But that's not always the case.  Here's a
streetview link of a stop I'm familiar with
where the stop position and shelter do not align (I'd attach a photo but I
don't have one, the streetview is for
illustrative purposes): https://goo.gl/maps/B4TJinj4Hvw

3) Bus shelters can be set  back from the road for various reasons, so it's
nice to be able to give an exact
location.  Another stop I'm familiar with: https://goo.gl/maps/SAMke9oNa3T2

The highway stopping positions need to be in the relation for vehicle
routeing.  Usually stops in opposite directions
are staggered, so it's necessary for the relation to show that stop A is
where a bus stops when traveling in one
direction along a way and stop B, a bus-length or two displaced from stop A
is for the other direction.  What I'm not clear
on is how the innards work for this: should I split a highway at a stopping
position so routeing can tell (if not now, as a
future enhancement) that the stop is at a particular point on a way or can
it deduce it?  The way these things are displayed
in JOSM imply I need to split the way so that the stopping position is in
the right place rather than at one or other end of
a way.

The platforms might need to be in the relation for walking routeing.  I
dunno.  The last time I looked I didn't find
the documentation clear.  Again, looking at the way JOSM shows things,
either they're all at the start of the relation
(which seems unhelpful) or you put them near the relevant highway stop
position (but the iconography seems to
indicate they're interrupting the route).

It would be nice to clear all this up, although that could mean a lot of
work making existing stuff conform.

PTv3 anyone?

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