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On Tue, Jun 19, 2018 at 12:52 PM Christoph Hormann <osm at imagico.de> wrote:

> On Tuesday 19 June 2018, Bryan Housel wrote:
> <>
> > It’s fine for people to keep tagging these but I probably wouldn't
> > add a preset for this in iD.
> While i think i kind of understand your motivation here, that you think
> there are quite a few bad choices in tagging and the options for you to
> change that (through discussion here, developing and discussing new
> tags on the wiki and presenting and arguing for their advantages or
> mapping extensively yourself) are not very efficient means to change
> that, you should probably be aware that with this approach you claim
> certain privileges for you in central parts of the community discourse
> and as indicated above it is unclear to me what you think qualifies you
> for having these privileges and why you should not need to - like
> everyone else - rely on hard work and convincing arguments for getting
> the mapper community to adopt certain tagging ideas (and no, with hard
> work i don't mean primarily to engage in endless dysfunctional tagging
> discussions here).

As long as I've been editing, the developers have basically been deciding
on which tags should be in their presets. With no clear direction from
either the community nor the Foundation, the development teams have taken
on that responsibility. Much the same with just about every aspect of OSM.
Unlike WikiMedia, we don't have a strong central organization. Nor the
funding to have an editor development team. If you think that's the
direction, then you should take that up with the Foundation Board. Or you
could use the iD code to run a version with what you feel should be the
presets. Others have done it successfully in the past. (Usually for
specialized mapping projects.)

I have a great deal of respect to both Bryan Housel and the rest of the iD
developers. iD is a premier editor. Easy for beginners to use, yet powerful
enough for some of the most prolific editors. The recent release of iD
version 2.9.0 shows how fast they can respond. The Bing Street Side imagery
was only recently made available, yet today it's integrated into iD.


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