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On 21/06/18 08:00, Paul Allen wrote:
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>     There are fist ad kits .. and first aid kits ..
> I now have a scene playing in my head.  It's Paul Hogan sneering and 
> saying "Call that a
> first aid kit?  Now THIS is a first aid kit." :)
> Probably useful enough to map so tourists know where to go in an 
> emergency.  Or maybe
> best not to map them as the kits that contain stuff to perform 
> amputations are going to have
> some serious drugs in them.

Tourist will usually ask for help .. either by some communication device 
(HF radio, sat-phone, EPIRB/PLB) or by going to a person at a farm 
(homestead)/town/village or even just someone travelling down the road.
That help should know where the RFDS can land, where local help is 
available and be able to coordinate that help. If not then they are not 
a 'local'.

For remote locations.. best call the RFDS first .. if you cannot get 
them .. then possibly the police on the emergency phone number (112 
works internationally, 000 in Australia)  (as they look to have better 
capabilities than the ambulance service in remote areas for 
understanding where you are (the ambulance service seams to think a 
cross street is required to locate you .. nearest cross street might be 
100 kms away!) ).

RFDS don't release their drug list .. but here is one from a similar set 
A 4WD kit 
https://www.stjohnqld.com.au/Shop/First-aid-kits/Kit-off-road-4WD Note 
the lack of drugs. Anyone doing a good first aid course will know how to 
get drugs for use. Do a course .. more than 2 days!

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