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Bryan Housel bhousel at gmail.com
Thu Jun 21 03:03:17 UTC 2018

> On Jun 20, 2018, at 5:21 AM, Martin Koppenhoefer <dieterdreist at gmail.com> wrote:
> this is what I understood from the messages you recently sent here, e.g.: "We have too many tags for different kinds of lifeguards.  This is too confusing. I don’t want to have to show all these choices to iD users. ... Let’s just use one tag `emergency=lifeguard`" (note that this tag has 6 / six uses and its use is conflicting with documented and more established tags because of overlap and using the same key) .

I wouldn’t call the existing uses of these lifeguard tags “established”.  I’d put the threshold for established at around 2000 uses.  (or, more than a single person could change easily with level0 or JOSM).

> You also wrote: "It kind of makes one question whether a community edited wiki is a good way to standardize a tagging scheme intended to produce a coherent mapping dataset.  Bold suggestion: maybe the people who write the tools should just get together over beers and decide what all the tags should be.  I’ll buy!"

Still offering to buy!  Will you be at SOTM in Milan?

> I appreciate you recognize there should be a process, but I wouldn't call your current way of interacting with the community an involvement in the decision making. You make the decisions and then communicate here what it is and ask to "please update the wiki". 

Hopefully you read closely my previous response to Christoph, look through the recent iD changelogs, and change your mind about that.. The process for adding presets to iD is very much community driven.  

> At least  the old process lead us until here, I agree with Frederik that "taking the lead on tagging" is clearly overstepping your mandate, in the most sensitive and essential field.

Again, I don't have a mandate to overstep.  I’m a mapper who loves OSM like everyone else here.

> The operation of the OSMF editor should not be in conflict with the OSMF mission. 

iD is not an “OSMF editor”.  I literally have nothing to do with OSMF.  They’re not asking me for feature requests.  Pretty sure my work supports their mission anyway.   (You might just as well call iD the “HOT editor”).

> can you please clarify, do you mean debating tags is never meaningful work, or whether it is not meaningful to debate them on a mailing list?

I don’t feel like the epic landcover vs landuse thread was meaningful.   But hopefully people feel like the threads I’ve started in the past week have been meaningful.  At least we have some tagging improvements queued up on https://github.com/osmlab/osm-tagging <https://github.com/osmlab/osm-tagging> .  Looking for some volunteers to help out there (you don’t have to be an editor developer to make a difference).

Thanks, Bryan

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