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Jo winfixit at gmail.com
Fri Jun 22 05:35:27 UTC 2018

The thing is, when PTv2 was voted, I asked what to do with the bus stop
nodes next to the way. The answer was put public_transport=platform on
those NODES. In fact they rather represent a pole with a flag on it. But
for some bus stops, there is nothing physical present. The bus stops there
and both passengers and the drivers know it.

Those are the nodes that get public_transport=platform, without an actual
platform being present.

Now if there is a physical platform, we draw a way or an area and tag it
highway=platform or railway=platform. Those can also get a
public_transport=platform tag. But it doesn't really matter, highway=platform
or railway=platform has all the information we need for those. In case it's
heightened, we can add wheelchair yes, if there is tactile paving, we can
add tactile_paving=yes, although I think it would be even better if we
could add explicit ways and nodes for those, as we map in more and more

What I am trying to accomplish is that bus and tram stops would be
represented by a single node, next to the highway. That those nodes get all
the tags describing the bus or tram stop and that only those nodes get
added to the route relations.

Some people say, but you should be able to 'upgrade' from a node to a way
or an area. I say: let's go for stability in the data and keep it all
contained in that single node per bus/tram stop. It's easy to work with for
both data consumers and mappers.

What this does imply is that stop_area relations should bundle the smallest
group of objects that belong together (for one side of the street at a time
or for one platform in a bus station). At present the wiki seems to say to
throw everything in there together for a group of bus stops that happen to
have the same name. But that, we can do just as well with a spatial query
on the data.

So no, adding public_transport=platform does not mean there is a physical
platform, just like highway=bus_stop doesn't mean it's part of the highway,
unfortunately both tags are slightly off. but we shouldn't get too fixated
on the meaning of those words in English, but rather what has become the
convention in OSM for them).


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> Why adding 'platform' where there's no physical platform?
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