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If you want to generate routing from one specific location to another, utilizing public transport if available, you will end up with a route that goes:

By foot from the start to a location where you can board public transport. 

The public transport then takes you from that location to another location where you leave the public transport, the exact route the public transport takes is actually irrelevant in this case, the only thing the system needs to know (from time table information) is if you board the public transport at location A on this time, you can leave the public transport on location B at that time.

And finally, by foot from the location where you left the public transport to your destination.

The locations where you have to be to board a public transport or where you (on foot) end up after leaving public transport, no matter what type of public transport and no matter if they are mapped as a node, way (edge from which you board or to where you exit) or area (the whole area that's dedicated to boarding, exiting or waiting for public transport), for better or worse, uses the tag public_transport=platform.

It's always the same tag. So any routing software can (foot) route you to a public_transport=platform, and if there are any route relations including that platform, they know that you will be able to enter that public transport route and can exit it at any public_transport=platform listed in the route relation after this one. This works exactly the same for busses, trams, trains, ferries, ...

This is the essence of what the PTv2 proposal wants to do. Splitting hairs over the exact wording on the wiki isn't going produce any positive progress.

public_transport=platform is the place where you need to be so that some form of public transport can magically transfer you to another public_transport=platform.

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> > It's not always a waiting area, btw, sometimes it's reserved for
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> the definition for public_transport=platform is “The place where
> passengers are waiting for the public transport vehicles.”
> if the area is not used for waiting, you cannot tag it as platform,
> you could use something like boarding_area
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