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On 30/06/18 10:20, Paul Allen wrote:
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>     Any other ideas as to words to use?
> Disinfection?  Depends if they're just scrapers or if they include 
> some antimicrobial/antifungal
> spray/dip.  The UK's DEFRA says of foot and mouth disease that farmers 
> must have approved
> disinfectant and cleaning materials for essential visitors.  So are 
> these serious jobs or just
> toys?
> Footwear_disinfection seems better than boot_disinfection, because 
> you'll always get some idiot
> read "boot disinfection" and decide it doesn't apply to him because 
> he's wearing trainers.  In any
> case, there will either be an icon or (probably) no icon and no text. :)

The ones I am thinking of have disinfectant. However I'd accept ones 
that only go after seeds too. It just depends on what the object is.
They are permanent installations. Foot and mouth ones tend to be 
portable for temporary use.
They tend to be easy to use as if they are difficult they won't get used 
or used well and that would defeat the purpose. So not toys.

Link to the Tasmania ones 
They look to use some 'veterinarian disinfectant F10sc'.

There are also some in Queensland, Western Australia and New Zealand. 
I'd think they would be present in other parts of the world too.

Rendering .. might only happen on the specific maps for walkers. That is 
The problem is 'off track' walkers ..they need to know where these 
things are so they can go to them before leaving a contaminated area.

Now more inclined to man_made=footwear_disinfection ... really separates 
it from a simple polish.

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