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Sat Jun 30 11:21:14 UTC 2018

On 30/06/18 19:15, Paul Allen wrote:
> On Sat, Jun 30, 2018 at 1:57 AM, Warin <61sundowner at gmail.com 
> <mailto:61sundowner at gmail.com>> wrote:
>     On 30/06/18 10:20, Paul Allen wrote:
>>     Footwear_disinfection seems better than boot_disinfection,
>>     because you'll always get some idiot
>>     read "boot disinfection" and decide it doesn't apply to him
>>     because he's wearing trainers.  In any
>>     case, there will either be an icon or (probably) no icon and no
>>     text. :)
>     The ones I am thinking of have disinfectant. However I'd accept
>     ones that only go after seeds too. It just depends on what the
>     object is.
> In that case, I'd go with Graeme Fitzpatrick's suggestion later in the 
> thread of decontamination.  It's about removing
> contaminants, which are things that should not be present (be they 
> seeds, pathogenic viruses or whatever).
I too am going with Graeme's idea .. but there is no rush to do it. See 
what comes out of further thought.
>     They are permanent installations. Foot and mouth ones tend to be
>     portable for temporary use.
> I cited FMD merely because it was the first thing that came to mind 
> justifying disinfection as an option.
>     They tend to be easy to use as if they are difficult they won't
>     get used or used well and that would defeat the purpose. So not toys.
> By "toy" I meant for cosmetic purposes (actual shoe scrapers, 
> sometimes set into the wall by the door of older
> buildings) or for aesthetic purposes (I want to make my fake mansion 
> look more authentic with a shoe scraper set in
> the wall).

True mansions never had shoe scrapers by the front. They would have been 
around the back for the servants or at a side entrance to a 'wet room'.
So these aesthetic shoe cleaners at the front are true indicators of 
idiocy. :) Put them around the back or at the side. Never at the front, 
only the clean past by that entrance.
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