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On 04/05/2018 10:18, pelderson wrote:

> Van: Volker Schmidt <voschix at gmail.com> 

> > The problem is that (British) English does not have a word for a 
> generic animal-stable. "stable" is for horses. "cow shed" is for 
> bovines, "pigsty" for pigs.
> > In the US a "barn" may include animal sheltering, but not in UK-English.

 > The Oxford does not make that distiction. Generally, barn and shed 
are about what the building looks like. That would be consistent with 
building=*. The usage or function of the building is a much more fleeting
 > attribute, which should imho be tagged separately.

Actually, the Oxford English Dictionary has these definitions for 'barn' 

  a. A covered building for the storage of grain; and, in wider usage, 
of hay, straw, flax, and other produce of the earth.

  b. Applied to: A barn-like building for worship.

  c. A stable or cattle-house. U.S.

Note that the animal usage is marked 'U.S.'.


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