[Tagging] tagging of one-way cycle lanes

Volker Schmidt voschix at gmail.com
Wed May 9 17:11:24 UTC 2018

I want to tag a road (one of thousands in this country) that has two lanes
for cars  (one in each direction) and two cycle lanes, one on each side.
Thes cycle lanes are by law one-way in the same direction of the motorized
traffic in the neighbouring road lane.

My (basic) tagging would be:
highway=unclassified (or whatever)

the value "-1" is discouraged for the "oneway" key, but in this case I see
no alternative
"cycleway:left:oneway=-1" has some 800 uses in taginfo,
"cycleway:right:oneway=yes" has some 2800 uses in taginfo.

Should I go ahead with my tagging? Alternatives?
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