[Tagging] complete tagging of all 'right of way'-cases

Paul Johnson baloo at ursamundi.org
Fri May 11 02:01:23 UTC 2018

On Thu, May 10, 2018 at 4:57 PM, Martin Koppenhoefer <dieterdreist at gmail.com
> wrote:

> 2018-05-10 21:03 GMT+02:00 Ruben Kelevra <ruben at vfn-nrw.de>:
>> > which is intrinsically flawed, as it gets added to a node but nodes
>> > don’t have a direction.
>> Yep. It's a mess and really bad to parse and check for consistency. Also
>> pretty hard to understand. I fixed many highway=stop nodes which are
>> actually the intersection nodes, so even the primary_road was
>> considered to stop there... which makes no sense.
>> What do you think about the relation-approach designed by AMDmi3:
>> https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Relations/Proposed/Give_way
> generally, a relation is capable of explicitly modelling the situation, at
> the cost of complicated/time consuming actions required from the mapper
> (and nowadays, with a lot of mapping on mobile phones going on, average
> editor relation support is even worse). Personally, I am mapping in a
> context with a lot of oneway streets, so it often is not an issue to just
> use a node close to the intersection, I believe if you can, you should
> avoid relations because it makes the map more complex for others to
> understand and modify (maybe with the exception of well supported
> multipolygon relations).

Any editor that is capable of correctly building a turn restriction
relation would be readily capable of accurately creating give_way and stop
relations by the looks of the proposal (and it largely falls in line with
my previous proposal for tagging stops).

> The particular proposal seems thought through, but might eventually be
> overengineered. In the simplest representation you would only need a via
> node (at the stop line) and a from way (ending at the stop line) and be
> done.

I can see that, particularly for stop signs at, say, campground ranger
stations in state parks, security shacks at practically honor-system gates
at industrial sites, and similar mid-block one-direction stop signs.

> I am not sure how several via ways should work together with several from
> and to ways, and I guess even if it works, it will be complicated to
> evaluate (for other mappers) and several very simple relations (only from
> way and via node) would probably be much easier to understand (at the cost
> of having to split the ways at the stop/via).

 Well, think of a situation where you have a R1-1 STOP and a R3-11 RIGHT
TURN PERMITTED WITHOUT STOPPING sign.  Your from way would be the way those
signs are facing, and the TO ways would be all the ways you would have to
stop at the sign before proceeding to enter (ie, all of them except the way
for the right turn).
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