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A few comments:

* I don't think this should "obsolete" the highway=give_way nodes completely. For simple cases with oneway=yes roads the highway=give_way node on the way is the easiest way to map them. Also for any "four-way give way" situation, tagging the intersection node is clear and unambigious.

* I'm not sure if putting the different traffic types into the relation type key is the right place. It might be better to put that into an applies_to key? 

That way you can list multiple, either as applies_to=caravan;hgv;bus or applies_to:bus=yes applies_to:hgv=yes

The separate key version has the advantage that it would also allow conditions:


* instead of day_on, day-off, hour_on, and hour_off, it might be better to use an operating_hours key with the same format as opening_hours for shops

* overwritten_by might be better as a member instead (or in addition) of a key. Especially for dual carriage way intersections (mapped as # ) the traffic_signal nodes are usually at the stop line on the approach instead of at the intersecting nodes (if you tag the 4 intersecting nodes, then a route through the intersection would pass 2 or 3 highway=traffig_signal nodes, while if it is tagged only on the approaches [which are all oneways] the route correctly only goes through a single one). 

* the value curb value for the road_markings key should probably be kerb to match the barrier=kerb tag and to match UK English usage.

* in addition to the road_sign members, it would be good to also allow road_marking members (which would be a node on a from way, or a way with an intersecting node with the from way, tagged with road_marking=x, or barrier=kerb)

* the road_sign and road_marking members and keys should have the same name


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> Hey guys,
> If the first one was TL;DR ... I start with working on this
> proposal to implement a give_way as a relation. This might be one
> of many to this topic and I'll follow up every different one when I
> start working on them.
> I thought some hours about this old proposal[1] and decided to
> update[2] it.
> It now includes the ability to tag the
> * used sign (directly at the intersection)
> * road markings, like a curb or a dotted or solid line
> * main operational function of this intersection, like a traffic
> light.
> The last one is necessary because we got intersection with stop and
> yield signs here, which are located at the traffic lights. So if
> the traffic lights are off (in the night or just non-operational)
> the signs located at the traffic lights are applied.
> When the traffic lights are shut of every night, we can add that
> information to the node at the via tag, to disable the traffic
> light tag in those time periods for the routers. Then the give_way-
> or stop-relations come into action.
> It now also includes lists of cases where it should be used and
> cases where it shouldn't. Explicitly changing the recommendation to
> NOT use it on roundabout & removing the example for it).
> It's also recommending the simple solutions for a priority-to-the-
> right (not yet written) and the all-way_stop.
> If the mapper wants to map more details, like the curbs, signs,
> hour_on/off or the class of vehicles where this applies, we have to
> go the relation way and create up to 4 relations to one
> intersection - I just don't see a simpler way with the same
> flexibility.
> [1] https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Relations/Proposed/Give_way
> [2] https://bit.ly/2IrMh3g (just a shorted link to a diff)
> As always: Feel free to fix logic and language issues in the
> proposal - I'm not a native speaker, there might be many.
> I hope for more feedback on this from you, guys.
> Best regards
> Ruben
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