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As far as I can tell, for two-way streets, there is no differences, it’s just more explicit. 


Given the difference in usage numbers (1522 vs. 254509) I would go with just cycleway=lane (I actually checked these numbers before I made that last post).


For one-way streets, I’m not sure how most software is going to interpret it. As it’s somewhat ambiguous, I would say the better solution with a oneway street is to go with an explicit:





if one of the two is for traffic against the flow indicated by the oneway tag, use:


cycleway:left=opposite_lane (or cycleway:right, depending)



if there is only one cycle lane, but it’s allowed to travel in both directions on an otherwise one-way road use:


cycleway:left=opposite (or cycleway:right, depending which side, as seen from the forward direction of the main oneway road the two-way cycle lane is one)



(yes, that isn’t exactly the best value, but that’s what the wiki defines and looking at overpass query results, it seems to be used as such)


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So the easiest tagging is:






is there a difference to cycleway:both=lane ?

Is the latter for oneway streets with a counterflow lane?




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