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Just a plain cycleway=opposite_lane is somewhat ambiguous, so I would recommend an explicit cycleway:left or cycleway:right.


opposite_lane indicates that there is one cycle lane, which only allows traffic in the direction opposite of the oneway traffic. Bicycle traffic in one-way direction would use the “normal” road.


If there are actually two cycle lanes, one in oneway direction and one against, use:




(or the other way around, depending on situation).


If bicycles are allowed to travel against the oneway, but there is no explicit lane marked for them, use: (this is correcting my previous post)




(my previous post was somewhat wrong, as if there is no explicitly marked lane, using cycleway:left or cycleway:right for the value opposite only makes sense if there are signs explicitly telling you what side to travel on. I would assume that in case of a plain cycleway=opposite, the normal left-/right-hand traffic rules of the location apply.)


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Is the latter for oneway streets with a counterflow lane?


for oneway streets with a counterflow lane

cycleway=opposite_lane is typically used



this is for situations where there is only a counterflow lane (only one lane), or not?






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