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Sat May 19 01:52:02 UTC 2018

As I said, it has poles, areas people wait, a fixed route, a repeating timetable, there is a "driver" and it's purpose is specifically to transport people from one location to another. The fact that you have to put in personal effort (walking) during the transportation within this framework doesn't make it less of a "transport" in my opinion.

And if the "guided walking tours" have all the same features, and their primary purpose is to movement from one location to another, then, yes. If it's a hike that's primarily about the activity of walking or looking at things, and you end up in the same location again, then no.

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> > I agree that it definitely is "transport" and that it has all the
> features (pole, waiting area, timetable, fixed route) that make it
> very suitable to map as public_transport.
> >
> Huh? I would have thought that a key requirement would be some form
> of transport. What's the next thing we're going to be calling
> public transport? Guided walking tours?
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