[Tagging] Seasonal, intermittent, and ephemeral water tags

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Sounds like candidates for:






Depending if natural or man made.


The floodplain proposal definitely needs more work, I don’t think it belongs in the natural namespace (as it conflicts with tagging the same area as natural=scrub or something like that).


And the sub properties should probably use the by now well established : syntax instead of _


floodplain sort of implies intermittent, and I would say in many cases this might be a better classification than putting down a (seldom existing) lake area with intermittent=yes.




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Following with interest, thanks.


How do you then tag areas that only flood / run / hold water after (very) heavy rain?


Are they intermittent?





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Think I have raised this before but not come to any firm conclusion

I think that tagging


intermittent= yes

leads to confusion. Is the summer flow intermittent? Or is ther
summer flow with intermittent flow at other times of year?

It may be better to tag





I'm not sure if the two tags need to or should be mixed like that.

It might be better to just allow time frames (seasons as well as month ranges) in addition to yes/no values for both seasonal and intermittent.



means it's only flowing in the summer (from seasonal), and then only intermittent.


intermittent=autumn-spring or autumn;winter;spring or march-november (maybe mar-nov ?)

I like that. Month ranges I have not thought of .. seasons can vary from year to year so I like that vagueness.

means it's always flowing in the summer, and intermittent the rest of the year.

The concept of seasons becomes less meaningful the closer you get to the equator, so allowing month based time frames would make sense. Maybe also the concept of tropical "wet" or "dry" season. Perhaps "monsoon" season as well in areas where that is a prominent weather pattern.

"Monsoon" does not say if it is the wet part or dry part of the monsoon. "Wet" and "dry are seasonal values in use and can be used for monsoonal areas.

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