[Tagging] Feature Proposal - RFC - Walkingbus_stop

marc marc marc_marc_irc at hotmail.com
Sat May 19 14:56:04 UTC 2018

Le 19. 05. 18 à 15:54, Martin Koppenhoefer a écrit :
>> On 19. May 2018, at 00:19, marc marc <marc_marc_irc at hotmail.com> wrote:
>> but the same passengers waiting at the same place for the same driver
>> with a bus is a valid public_transport=platform
>> the same apply to the route where a relation type=route route=foot
>> and all other PTv2 tag look like good imho.
> everybody can use a bus, but pedibus is only for pupils.

You're both reviewing criteria that aren't relevant to differentiating 
between buses and walking buses.

fee ? some PTs are free and some not -> use fee key for that.

access limited to a certain audience ? some are, others are not.
some "diesel buses" are restricted to pupils, some not (as Jo said for 
some "walking buses" are restricted to pupils, some not (the one I known 
is not restricted : pupils, older brother, parent, grandparent, other 
person, everybody can join, the pedibus and "diesel powered bus" have 
the same criteria.
If it's not the case in your area and you take care of that, put an 
access tag or min_age or max_height or whatever on the relation.

the only diff between a diesel bus and a pedibus is the fact it's 
passive (sit down and wait until you reach your destination) or active 
(use human propulsion)

if an operator decided to replace a diesel engine with a bicycle 
crankset for each passenger, would that stop being a PT?
and how would that change the public_transport=platform ? in no way!
if that happens, the right schema to differentiate them would no doubt 
be to creake a key like propulsion:source=diesel|human
and certainly not saying that the public_transport=plateform is no 
longer a public_transport=plateform due the power source change of the 


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