[Tagging] Sample tagging for highways with no lane markings

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Personally, I tend to tag roads that are wide enough for 2 lanes (two cars can pass each other without noticeably slowing down) and which are clearly meant to be two lane (one lane each direction) roads with:


Yes, I know that is in violation of the strict reading of the wiki, but I feel it makes sense, and as far as I can determine, tagging roads that are meant to have two lanes with lanes=2 even in the absence of such road markings seems to be pretty widespread practice. (The use of the divider tag isn't very widespread, but again, I feel it makes sense in this context.)


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> In reviewing the wiki in preparation to fixing some of my older
> mapping, it seems there is an inconsistency in how to tag a road
> that is wide enough to two lanes of traffic but is lacking lane
> striping.
> In the lanes description [1] it says "the lanes=* key should be
> used to specify the total number of marked lanes of a road." But in
> the out of town highway tagging sample page [2] with a photo
> described as "smaller road, maybe tertiary with appropriate
> administrative status" it shows a lane count on a road with no
> markings.
> Am I correct in believing that the example photo should have its
> tagging changed, dropping the lanes=2 and adding a width tag (if
> the width is known or can be reasonably estimated)?
> My current interest is in fixing the tagging for residential roads
> that are wide enough for bi-directional traffic with legal parallel
> parking but have no markings on the pavement. I don't see a exact
> match to that in either the urban [3] or rural highway [2] tagging
> example pages.
> To use the street I live on as an example, am I correct that a
> residential road with bidirectional traffic and parallel parking
> with no markings should be tagged as:
> highway=residential
> surface=asphalt
> parking:lane:both=parallel
> width=40’0"
> maxspeed=25 mph
> If, and only if, a center strip is added then lanes=2 should be
> added. (I actually measured the width in this case but for hope to
> be able to use the measurement tool on aerial imagery in JOSM for
> most cases).
> Is my current understanding correct? If so, I will update the wiki
> pages for both the urban and rural highway tagging examples to
> reflect that and will take some photos of the roads in my area to
> make additional examples.
> [1] https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Key:lanes#Description
> [2]
> https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Highway_tagging_samples/out_of_
> town
> [3]
> https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Highway_tagging_samples/urban
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