[Tagging] Sample tagging for highways with no lane markings

Martin Koppenhoefer dieterdreist at gmail.com
Tue May 22 18:09:56 UTC 2018

2018-05-22 18:33 GMT+02:00 yo paseopor <yopaseopor at gmail.com>:

> I'm not agree with that , Martin
> Road markings are real, touchable, checkable, objective...estimated width
> and estimated lanes not. OSM data serves to a lot of apps with lane
> indications, if we drop this then the apps will show erroneous information
> or less exact information.
>  One of the problems of driving in Rome is that people overtakes you in a
> one-lane-street for every side they can turn it. If police would punished
> them this problem will not exist as not exists in the other countries of
> Europe.

I have explicitly not cited Rome but other places, including Australia, and
I believe it is common on a global level not to have always road markings
on a 2 lane road. As I said, I wouldn't tag 2 lanes in cases where you have
to slow down in order to pass an approaching vehicle, or use the shoulder,
but there are many places with sufficient space and ordinary 2 lane
traffic, just no markings.

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