[Tagging] highway=service // public road?

Georg Feddern osm at bavarianmallet.de
Thu May 24 10:07:36 UTC 2018

Am 23.05.2018 um 22:33 schrieb Greg Troxel:
> Florian Lohoff <f at zz.de> writes:
>> I now see increasing usage of service roads as a category below
>> unclassified. People tagging "smaller roads" in the countryside
>> as a service roads.
> I think this is basically wrong tagging.
>> I find this a little disturbing and now got into an argument whereas
>> my position is the above - broken down into my more strict language:
>> - If the public has a right of way
>> - The road is build/run by public authorities
>> - Its not something obvious like a parking space
>> - It cant be service
>> It might not fit 100% everywhere, but no rule without its exception.
> Broadly agreed with your concerns.
> A very important characteristic of a place you can drive is
>    - it is legally a road, where more or less anyone has a right to
>      drive (and this can be public ownership or private).  Typically this
>      means that the ground on which it is built is carved out as a
>      separate lot for ownership (or government owned).  This can be
>      government, or it can be a road in a subdivision which is in the US
>      marked "private way" meaning that it is legally a road but privately
>      owned.  You can still get a speeding ticket on it, because the road
>      use rules apply to private ways, but do not apply to what you do in
>      your farm field.
>      Whether they apply in a shopping center is an interesting question.
>      I'd say: yes, you will be cited, and probably that does not hold
>      up.  But in some places (north carolina), the property owner can put
>      up signs that the traffic laws apply anyway - I saw these at the
>      biltmore estate.   Basically "this is private but the unwashed
>      public is here and we want the police to be able to bust them" :-)
>    - not legally a road, in that there is no right of access, traffic
>      laws do not necessarily apply, and there is no separate parcel for
>      it
> This is basically
> "highway=primary/secondary/tertiary/unclassified/residential" vs
> "highway=service/track".
> It would be goo to have this be

That's a wonderful theory - and you get a 'stew' mess of unclassified if 
you do that in mapping the reality ...
The mapping differentiation in unclassified (mostly connecting roads), 
service without service=* (mostly destination roads) and track (for - 
due to history - public accessible rural driveways) is simply driven by 

The first we had at navigating in the late 199x'/early 200x - resulting 
in advising horrible routes through undesirable ways.
With the latter you have a reasonable routing (and rendering too, by the 

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