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That is actually pretty strongly dependant on El Nino:


The shift in rainfall away from the western Pacific, associated with El Niño, means that Australian rainfall is usually reduced through winter–spring, particularly across the eastern and northern parts of the continent. 

Nine of the ten driest winter–spring periods on record for eastern Australia occurred during El Niño years. 

vs. La Nina:


The increased rainfall and cloudiness in the western Pacific associated with La Niña usually means above-average winter–spring rainfall for Australia, particularly across the east and north. 

The six wettest winter–spring periods on record for eastern Australia occurred during La Niña years.


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I'd not put a season on any of them .. too variable for me to determine a season. 


& that's the killer.


In Queensland, summer is supposed to be wet & winter dry, but something like 6 years out of the last 12, we've had flood rains over winter?

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