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Fri May 25 08:55:25 UTC 2018

On 25/05/18 15:48, Peter Elderson wrote:
> What is the use of the key:roundtrip?
> Explanations just say
> roundtrip <https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Key:roundtrip>=yes/no 
> (optional) Use roundtrip=no to indicate that a route goes from A to B. 
> Use roundtrip=yes to indicate that the start and finish of the route 
> are at the same location (circular route).
> It seems rather pointless to tag an obvious a-b route with 
> roundtrip=no, or an abvious roundtrip with roundtrip=yes.
> Why would you tag an a-b route as roundtrip=yes, or a closed route as 
> roundtrip=no?

A route that is 'closed' can be a non round trip.
For example the bus only does one circuit then goes on to another route 
elsewhere. This can be done to provide services to both that route and 
to other parts of the community with other routes.
There may not be enough demand for a continuous circuit to be viable.
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