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Peter Elderson pelderson at gmail.com
Fri May 25 11:23:37 UTC 2018

Oops, I didn't think this topic would generate so much response, even
though I charged a bit in the first mail.

Let me try to make some sense of it. I have seen enough use cases, I think.

a. There are two use cases which use the actual definition on the wiki: a
geagraphically closed route, start-point=end-point. One is about marking
routes as roundtrips based on JOSM validation, then monitoring if the chain
had broken so you can fix it. The other is marking an unfinished  route as
roundtrip in order to detect it for completion. To me, this is almost the
same use case.

b. A range of use cases are opposite: a geographical roundtrip has to be
regarded as non-roundtrip, or a geographical non-roundtrip has to be
regarded as a roundtrip anyway.

Could we agree that the wiki should cover b.?
I think this does not exclude a.

If anyone judges that a geographical roundtrip should explicitly be tagged
as roundtrip=yes, ok.
 do think that when one of the use cases under b. applies, then you have an
exception to what the map says, with a reason. Then this takes precedence
over the geographical default.
This could be a geographical roundtrip tagged as roundtrip=no for whatever
reason, or a geographical non-roundtrip tagged as roundtrip=yes, for
whatever reason. It would be nice to know the reason, of course. For my
part, "everybody/nobody here calls this a circular line" is reason enough.

Could we agree on that too?

If so, all that remains is add this to the wiki.

Vr gr Peter Elderson
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