[Tagging] Rock outcrops in forest

Ture Pålsson ture at turepalsson.se
Sun May 27 10:50:25 UTC 2018

The Swedish Geodetic Survey, Lantmäteriet, have released data corresponding to their printed 1:50000 topographic maps under a CC0 license (i.e, compatible with OpenStreetMap).

One of the features in this data is ”berg i dagen”, translated as ”rock outcrop” on the legend of the printed maps. These areas often overlap forest. What you typically find on the ground in those cases is sparse pine forest, where the layer of organic material on the forest floor is so thin that there are large patches of more or less naked rock between the trees.

How should these areas be tagged in OSM? Some of them have been imported as natural=bare_rock overlapping with landuse=forest, but this has led to protests from persons stating that bare_rock should be used only for areas of naked rock, with little or no vegetation (and, looking at the Wiki, I can only agree with them).

(Do these areas belong on OSM at all? I believe they do, as they provide interesting information e.g. for hikers. I admit, however, that they are often hard to detect on the aerial photos available to us, and that their borders are somewhat unclear and difficult to determine.)

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