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Philip Barnes phil at trigpoint.me.uk
Tue May 29 10:23:10 UTC 2018

I can think of a couple of these odd routes. The bus turns off the main route, travels about 300m to a bus stop, reverses around a corner and goes back to continue the main route.

My logical brain asks why don't they just move the bus stops 300m and avoid the risky manoeuvre?

Phil (trigpoint) 

On 29 May 2018 11:07:44 BST, Jo <winfixit at gmail.com> wrote:
>2018-05-29 11:05 GMT+02:00 Andrew Davidson <theswavu at gmail.com>:
>> On 29/05/18 14:04, Jo wrote:
>>> We're talking about PT v2.
>> In which case I don't understand why we want to create a new role. If
>> are using PTv2 then you will have the same way listed twice at the
>> that the route turns around. If you add more of the stops to your
>route it
>> will be more obvious to other mappers that you haven't made a
>mistake. I'd
>> suggest at least putting in the ones at the far ends of the
>The odd thing about this route is that it serves 1 stop at the start of
>this cul-de-sac then continues and turns around. There is no other stop
>the end, where it makes the maneuver.
>Anyway, it's not crucial to have this role. For making the route
>it's indeed enough to repeat the ways. So maybe I better drop it.
>But if we're going to a add a role for hail_and_ride and editors need
>to be
>adapted to accomodate this, we could include this role as well, while
>at it.

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