[Tagging] Feature Proposal - RFC - Free drinking water by private entities

bkil bkil.hu+Aq at gmail.com
Sun Oct 7 19:48:31 UTC 2018

>> Indeed the wiki page describes places that should be tagged with takeaway=only:
> I disagree with that.
> Note that "customers can" does not mean "customers must". It may mean that one may buy
> food and immediately leave or stay and eat at such place.

I understand this part of the *wording* in the wiki, but do note that
the entities entered the database much sooner and this wiki was born
after the fact and the two may not be 100% consistent.

Your understanding of the tag as taking values of yes/no/only seems to
be the same as the understanding I had until last week and maybe half
of the world. In essence this tag signals whether literally taking
meals away is allowed. Actually as noted above, I'm stunned by the
vast popularity of takeaway=yes, because it is meaningless in this
interpretation (never heard of a restaurant before that does not allow
taking away your food). So all in all, this understanding boils down
to takeaway=yes/only, where yes is the default.

Unfortunately, the other half of the world (okay, maybe the
proportions are off) interprets takeaway=yes/no with takeaway=no as
default. In this case, takeaway=yes signals whether the venue is a
takeaway kind of place ('take-out', 'to-go', 'carry-out'). "Takeaway
kind of places" usually have no chairs and some may not have tables
either. They are more akin to shops, but they offer self-made fresh
products or meals, sometimes cooking on order. I do know a few of
these places nearby. I simply added amenity=fast_food to these without
second thought, but they are really a different category compared to
sit-down places.

> Do you think that it should be explicitly mentioned in WIki description?
> If yes, consider adding it to the description.

I have a habit of extending and improving the wiki whenever I can.
However, I only do this when I am absolutely sure that I am not doing
any damage, for example by altering meaning.

Retroactively clarifying an ambiguous, but widely used tag in the wiki
is not a good idea. I have a fear that a large number of users
misunderstood the meaning of this tag. I think we should introduce a
new tag in place of this one and start using that consistently,
otherwise we can never clean up the database.

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