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Tue Oct 9 15:42:29 UTC 2018

I want to start the mother of all discussions about traffic signs

It is not the first attempt to do that. Last days, with iD implementation
and my message I have think it was the solution. Also I have waited some
days and communicate to this list my intentions to adopt the proposed iD
scheme. But when I start to do the modifications... People complains about
it (I am sorry if there was some errors "translating" to the new scheme).

So Please , let's talk about it. What will be the correct way to tag a
traffic sign?

I start with my option. Traffic sign as a NODE on the way x direction.
Because traffic sign is relative to the way, the road, not the building or
the street itselfs, it is located above, as a road mark, on the right of
the road or on the left of the road (or both of them).

I'm interested in all countries so a good way to do it is with the country
code for every traffic sign you can find in every traffic law in every
It would be interesting also to develope a generic scheme for tagging it
(not only the country/code)

traffic_sign=XX:yyy (XX Country ISO code):(yyy ref or number in specific of
each country traffic signs law)

Also it is facing to the direction of the way (forward and backward). In
OSM ways have the direction you have drawn it. So the info is relative to
this direction.

As an issue detected in iD with it to make possible the edition of traffic
signs good way was the traffic_signals solution: an specific key.


Also accepts other facing directions like 90/270...

Also we need the info relative to the way of its location , the side where
it is: Is it on the right? Is it on the left?


And also position, because you can have more than one traffic sign. Finnish
people give the solution :2


To tag this we have some informations sources (of course first of all local
knowledge) like Mapillary or OpenStreetCam.

Tools we have now:

JOSM preset
JOSM style
JOSM Kendzi3D's configuration files and models
Leaflet traffic signs map
Taginfo stats

More info about it :


Main characteristics of the scheme:

-Scalable (you can locate every traffic sign in every place)
-Exportable (you can locate every traffic sign of every country in the
World, with or without JOSM wizards)
-1 key / 1 value (for making the renders easy to adopt it)

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