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Tue Oct 9 21:11:20 UTC 2018

On Tue, Oct 9, 2018 at 9:34 PM Viking <viking81 at tin.it> wrote:

> As we did for most of the tags in [0], I would not use fire_hydrant:
> prefix because we want a slim

database and because  opening:direction=* is (or can be) used for other
> objects, as doors, taps, etc.

There are differing viewpoints on this.

1) Minimize database keys by applying them as widely as possible.  So
opening:direction applies to
doors, taps, fire hydrants, etc.  Database designers might think this way,
as might most ordinary
mappers and most programmers.

2) Don't re-use keys in this way because you end up with different sets of
values that apply in
different situations.  People who program map editors tend to think this
way.  Each time you use
opening:direction for a different type of object the programmer has to
special-case the set of possible
values based on the associated values in order to populate drop-downs.  If
you're mapping a
tap you want the choice of opening:direction to be limited to clockwise and
counterclockwise and
not be confused by also seeing inwards and outwards; but for doors you want
inwards and outwards
but not clockwise and counterclockwise (unless it's a rotating door).

I can see merits in both viewpoints.  The people who write map editors tend
to win these arguments
because most mappers choose from what the editor presents to them. :)

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