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On Wed, Oct 10, 2018 at 1:30 AM Martin Koppenhoefer <dieterdreist at gmail.com>

> to me there is no point in mapping traffic signs on ways. Traffic signs
> are punctual items, their supposed effect (our interpretation what they
> imply for which way) is already mapped with established tags on the way. It
> is more accurate and more useful (for finding problems and inconsistencies)
> to have the signs mapped as nodes.
> Let me give you an example: I do find it helpful to map maxspeed signs on
> nodes (doing it at the side of the highway because this implies the
> direction), because it helps to verify and maintain the speed limit data on
> the highway. If these were replaced by tags on the highway it would be less
> useful, because they would merely repeat the information that maxspeed
> already gives, and you won’t have neither the confirmation of repeated max
> speed signs nor would you know until where a later discovered sign with a
> different maxspeed is “at most” valid. Every time you discover a new sign,
> with the tag on the way method you start again “from scratch”.
-Sorry for my bad English when I was writting about putting signs ON the
way I wanted to say put NODES ON the way (with tag side and tag direction
you can locate the place and the direction is affecting the traffic sign. I
think traffic sign specific tags (traffic_sign, traffic_sign:direction (or
backward/forward subkeys) , traffic_sign:side (or side:) would never be
used as a tags for the ways.
-I'm agree with you in that.

> Adding traffic sign ids to ways makes only sense if you mistrust the osm
> tags, e.g. because there aren’t the exact tags you would need to describe
> the effect of a sign. My suggestion would be to improve/amend the system of
> human readable tags in this case, so that they fulfill your local
> requirements.
-Improving everything with the help and participation of all the community
would make better the system because then the system will be usefull and
complete for the maximum number of people. It is not a thing of me, it is a
thing of and for OSM. I am not an strange person, I'm only an OSM mapper.

> I do recognize there can be some usefulness in both information (actual
> signs and their position=nodes, and the actual signs that led to certain
> tags being applied on an object (=ways)). I am not sure it is a good idea
> to use the same tags for it.
-I think using the same keys would help the people to understand better the
scheme and to don't duplicate work (if I have lanes: on a way...why can
have ALSO lanes: of a node on the way?) Do I have to "invent
traffic_sign:lanes" ?

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