[Tagging] issues with the list of deprecated features

Martin Koppenhoefer dieterdreist at gmail.com
Mon Oct 15 08:57:13 UTC 2018

I just ran into this summary page for deprecated features:

There are a few issues which I would like to discuss:

1. amenity=artwork
Yes, tourism=artwork is the established tagging, but it has issues: artwork
has nothing at all to do with tourism

2. amenity=car_repair
For businesses offering car repair, this isn't the right tag (shop is), but
it doesn't mean there can't be an amenity=car_repair for place where you
can repair your car.

3. amenity=creche and amenity=nursery
For both tags amenity=kindergarten is suggested as alternative tagging,
which seems clearly wrong (kindergarten is usually for ages 3-6 while these
tags are for ages 0-3). There is also the suggestion for amenity=childcare,
which is featured by iD presets, but which doesn't seem like a great idea,
because it partly overlaps with the much more used amenity=kindergarten,
and because it has a very generic meaning and can be used for any place
that looks after "young children" (i.e. also after school places,
nurseries, kindergartens, places in shops that take care of the kids for a
few minutes, etc.) and the wiki states it is controversial.

4. amenity=preschool
The suggested alternative is amenity=kindergarten, but these can be
different things.

5. fenced=yes
The suggestion is for barrier=fence, but that would be a feature, while
"fenced" is an attribute. If you don't want to draw the fence, "fenced" is
clearly the better alternative.

6. man_made=cooling_tower
This is a very clear tag, the suggested alternative is man_made=tower with
tower:type=cooling. I know there is some controversy about tower tagging in
general, but if we recognize man_made=water_tower and power=tower good tags
I don't see a reason to deprecate the more than 1000
man_made=cooling_tower[s] which are more concise and with no semantic
issues or ambiguity.

7. shop=fishmonger
suggested replacement is shop=seafood which doesn't seem a good tag for
places that sell fish but no seafood (i.e. sell fresh water fish).
Admittedly there was few support for this point of view back in 2010.

8. shop=gallery
suggested replacement is shop=art which IMHO is a different kind of
shop/place. An art gallery (the ones where the gallery owner is an
intermediary between the artist and the collectors) is not just a shop
where you go to buy art (these exist as well and usually sell reproductions
of art or things that have been produced in slightly bigger quantities than
just one piece, art books, prints, etc.).

9. shop=glass
suggested replacement: craft=glaziery
These are different things, a craft=glaziery is a "place where residential,
commercial, and artistic glass is selected, cut, installed, replaced, and
removed". A shop=glass is a shop were objects made of glass are sold. E.g.
svarowsky, murano glass, etc.
Btw.: "glaziery" follows a different logic than most of the craft tags
("glazier" would be the usual value). There is also shop=glaziery which has
only slightly fewer usage than craft=glaziery and which should probably be

10. tourism=bed_and_breakfast
The suggested alternative is
Every time a deprecated tag should be replaced by a tag which is so
unspecific that people have seen to need to add subtags in order to express
what it is (on the same level of specificity as the tag that should be
deprecated), there is some problem. People know what is a bed and
breakfast, the tag it in the hundreds and thousands despite it being
discouraged and flagged as deprecated. Wouldn't it be easier to accept
tourism=bed_and_breakfast, or are there other issues with this tag?

Please let me know what you think.

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