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> Also I'd like to upload a proposed svg icon but apparently I don't have
> permission to upload media files on the wiki.

You haven't made enough edits on the wiki for the automated system to
consider you sufficiently
trustworthy to upload files.

I'd do it for you, but I don't think the icon is suitable.  It is a games
icon.  As you say in another
post, you've decided that "toy library" is more commonly used than "toy and
games library" to
refer to these places, so your icon gives the wrong impression.

I'd also note that the icon for a book library is identical in shape to
that of a bookshop but the
library icon is brown (amenity) and the bookshop icon is purple (shop).
I'd therefore suggest that
it's more in keeping with established practise to use a brown version of
the toyshop icon (I don't know
if that's something that the carto stages can do automatically from a
single icon or if you need to
generate a brown version).

Also, these icons are rendered at 16x16 pixels on the map and your icon is
not going to be legible.

And even if I thought your icon were appropriate and suitable, it's the
wrong colour anyway. :)

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