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Note that 

(a) proposed icon is the least important part of any proposal and may be safely skipped
(b) if someone really wants to add a proposed icon there is no obligation tofollow colour scheme and size limitations of a specific map style 

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> On Mon, Oct 15, 2018 at 2:29 PM ChameleonScales <> chameleonscales at protonmail.com <mailto:chameleonscales at protonmail.com>> > wrote:
>> Also I'd like to upload a proposed svg icon but apparently I don't have permission to upload media files on the wiki.
> You haven't made enough edits on the wiki for the automated system to consider you sufficiently>  trustworthy to upload files.
> I'd do it for you, but I don't think the icon is suitable.  It is a games icon.  As you say in another> post, you've decided that "toy library" is more commonly used than "toy and games library" to> refer to these places, so your icon gives the wrong impression.
> I'd also note that the icon for a book library is identical in shape to that of a bookshop but the>  library icon is brown (amenity) and the bookshop icon is purple (shop).  I'd therefore suggest that>  it's more in keeping with established practise to use a brown version of the toyshop icon (I don't know>  if that's something that the carto stages can do automatically from a single icon or if you need to> generate a brown version).
> Also, these icons are rendered at 16x16 pixels on the map and your icon is not going to be legible.
> And even if I thought your icon were appropriate and suitable, it's the wrong colour anyway. :)
> -- 
> Paul
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