[Tagging] Out of the bars and onto the map: An lgbtq:*=* tagging scheme?

Yves yvecai at mailbox.org
Thu Oct 25 05:54:07 UTC 2018

I agree with Frederick here, lgbtq=yes looks like the access tags.
This discussion also reminds me the motorcycle-friendly thread not so long ago.

Le 23 octobre 2018 20:27:04 GMT+02:00, Rory McCann <rory at technomancy.org> a écrit :
>Hi all,
>I'd like to improve the state of mapping/tagging for LGBTQ topics, and
>I'd like feedback.
>There is an existing "gay" tag[1], which is used 650 times[2]. But it's
>a little restrictive. And it also suggested "gay:transgender=yes" which
>is just plain wrong.
>So to start off, I'm suggest a simple "lgbtq=yes" tag to
>mean "this thing is a LGBTQ thing". I've intermittently used
>"lgbt"/"lgbtq" tag in the past, but I think "lgbtq" ("lesbian gay
>bi trans queer") would probably be a little better.
>So "amenity=bar lgbtq=yes" is what is commonly called a "gay bar".
>"shop=books lgbtq=yes" is a LGBTQ book shop, "leisure=sauna lgbtq=yes"
>is a gay sauna, etc. We can expand the tagging later, or just use
>"lgbtq:(men|women|trans|cis|bears|...)=(yes|no)" straight (😉) away.
>For trans issues, there's the whole topic of toilet tagging (unisex,
>etc), which is tagged separately, and maybe there's some good way to
>"informed consent" for medical clinics?
>*When* to add a lgbtq=yes tag can be hard to know. In some places a gay
>bar can be easily identified by a prominent rainbow flag. Some cultures
>are less accepting, so bars might not be so blatant (I've seen this in
>the EU). Using the common OSM rules of "local knowledge", people within
>the local LGBTQ community are probably the best place to make a final
>Like many things in OSM, most of the work will be the actual mapping.
>It's best to tag areas your familiar with, IME online directories can
>often have lots of facilities that no longer exist. At some point I
>to create a custom map based on this data (a la the now dead
>Thoughts? Comments? Feedback?
>[2] https://taginfo.openstreetmap.org/search?q=gay
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