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> As i've written in my previous message, guy-wires are used to
> stabilise tall masts. Therefore the absence of guy-wires doesn't imply
> that it's a tower.


> I'd leave the current definition as is, just adding that usually tall
> masts are guyed but towers aren't.

I would not concentrate on the "guyed" part in the definitions, it depends
whose definition you use, and it isn't so relevant (IMHO).

> > A tower is a tall, slim free-standing structure, usually with internal
> access. (Possible include from wiki: "Towers are specifically distinguished
> from "buildings" in that they are not built to be habitable but to serve
> other functions.")

a tower may not have an "internal" space (in the sense of closed space).

> Cooling towers or defensive towers aren't slim, but are still towers.

They can be slim. Especially "cooling towers" are a different beast than
most of the other towers, and I would not tag them as a subtype of tower,
but rather with their own tag man_made=cooling_tower (which btw. is also
done for a long time, although it is not the only option, currently).

> And garages or office buildings aren't built to be habitable, but are
> still buildings. (I think it's fine to call a tower a building if it's
> closed, that is, has walls and a roof.)

there is no definition that requires being habitable for a building.

> > Replacing man_made=communications_tower with man-made=tower;
> tower=multi_purpose. Yes they're used for communication in that they have
> antennae mounted on them, but are also usually tourist spots with lookouts
> & so on, where normal TV towers etc aren't.
> Imho, multi purpose is too broad.

+1, it basically says nothing more than more than one usage. Looking
closely, many/most towers might be seen as "multi purpose" (radio AND tv?),
it would rather reduce usefulness of our data than improve it.

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