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> But "iD issue" is "load the aerial imagery, look for a zebra"
> select a node, search for crossing, select "crossing(zebra)"
> iD add highway=crossing crossing=zebra. upload the changeset.

it may work in some places, but where I map you cannot see the kind of
crossing from aerial imagery, because traffic light controlled crossings
also have zebra markings.

> iD never ask you if you known that no traffic light exist.
> so it may be an alias for crossing=uncontrolled

The term uncontrolled always bothered my as ill chosen, as it literally
means no traffic control, while traffic control means policemen, traffic
lights, traffic signs, road markings, i.e. the term is used against its
natural meaning.

It's why a just to move "the ground marking is a zebra" out
> the crossing key.

"crossing" is not about ground markings, but about the typology of the
crossing. Ground markings may play a role, but they are not required

> With crossing_ref as currently described on the wiki,
> a mapper can fill "the ground marking is a zebra" without
> any "try to guesss if it's uncontrolled or not-filled" "meaning".

you can do this is you want, personally I am not interested in the kind of
markings, I only want to know what kind of crossing it is. A "zebra
crossing" for me is a crossing with zebra markings and no traffic lights
and zebra crossing traffic signs if away from a road crossing (Italian
legal definition). I.e. the road markings alone don't define a zebra
crossing (unless it is in proximity to a road crossing), vertical signs are

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