[Tagging] 2 meaning for crossing=zebra

SelfishSeahorse selfishseahorse at gmail.com
Fri Oct 26 07:59:37 UTC 2018

On Fri, 26 Oct 2018 at 01:19, Bryan Housel <bhousel at gmail.com> wrote:
> Oh!  I don’t like `crossing=zebra` either.  Not sure whether you caught the end of that issue #4788, but anyway I've decided I'm tired of hearing people complain about `crossing=zebra` so going forward iD will support these 2 presets:
> - `crossing=marked` which is labeled “Marked Crosswalk"
> - `crossing=unmarked` which is labeled “Unmarked Crossing”

If crossing=marked would exclude marked crossings with traffic
signals, that wouldn't solve the problem that Marc and i often come
across. If people see a marked crossing on the aerial imagery, they
would tag it crossing=marked, which would imply that this crossing
doesn't have traffic signals.

The problem with the crossing=* key is that it combines several
incompatible concepts, that is the presence or absence of traffic
signals, of road markings and of islands. It seems that the only
solution to this problem is moving all these properties to dedicated
subkeys, that is:



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