[Tagging] Standardizing Mapillary tags and keys

Christopher Beddow christopher at mapillary.com
Fri Oct 26 22:33:08 UTC 2018

Hello! I want to propose some new keys for the `mapillary=*` tag. I am
looking for input on these, then would like to push for approving them (and
update the Wiki). This will be helpful as some street-level imagery tools
like Pic4Review automatically add tags.

At State of the Map US there was a side discussion on how to let
street-level imagery users, such as on Mapillary and OSC, know that their
images are being used for editing OSM. This will encourage people to
capture more images, spread awareness of OSM, and perhaps encourage them to
start editing the map as well if they are not already.

My tag plan:

1. when the source for an OSM changeset is from street-level imagery =
`source=mapillary` (this is mostly standard already)

2. when the Mapillary image key is known and used for creating or editing a
specific feature, such as when the image is currently being viewed (like in
pic4review), say it's key is `HytC6pfza--epnSXhnqfkw`, then tag with

3. The Mapillary timestamp is important, but we don't encourage exposing
exact timestamps for privacy, only the day. So we can tag
`mapillary:date=YYYY-MM-DD` from the image time stamp.

4. when the Mapillary source is a traffic sign from a traffic vector
tile/API then it should have a different key, based on our data detection
key. Something like: `mapillary:data=n932k14cey1nyzejz5zsilzirc` and

5. when the Mapillary source is from a non-traffic sign data source (for
example, we are looking at getting an overlay of sidewalk lines) then
`mapillary:data=eyhthsypwnzuxymdunbwsktktu` with the key of the map feature
again and the layer indicated with `mapillary:layer=lines`
please share any input with me!

Is there any critique of these ideas?


Chris Beddow | Solutions Engineer @ Mapillary
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