[Tagging] Area with restaurants, hotels, cinemas - is it landuse=commercial?

SelfishSeahorse selfishseahorse at gmail.com
Mon Oct 29 13:21:55 UTC 2018

I'm not very happy with our definition of landuse=commercial as it
isn't self-explanatory: it is mainly used for offices and warehouses,
while retail, although belonging to commerce, has its own landuse=*
value. In my opinion, it would make more sense either to tag retail as
landuse=commercial + commercial=retail or to tag different commercial
land uses with separate landuse=* values, e.g. landuse=offices,
landuse=wholesale or landuse=storage.

Concerning restaurants, hotels and cinemas:

    - Restaurants are more similar to shops than to offices or
warehouses (what landuse=commercial is mainly used for), so i think
landuse=retails is ok.

    - Hotels are more about services than sale, so i wouldn't use
landuse=retail for them. Maybe landuse=residential?

    - Cinemas: What about landuse=leisure?



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