[Tagging] horse rental

Hufkratzer hufkratzer at gmail.com
Sun Sep 2 13:37:52 UTC 2018

It looks like you didn't understand me. I am sorry that my English is so 
bad. I am trying to express my question in a different way:

We have some differnet ways to tag a bicycle rental:
a) amenity=bicycle_rental (30k uses), bicycle_rental=yes (< 20 uses)
b) rental=bicycle (< 300 uses) (rental:bicycle=yes not used)
c) bicycle:rental=yes (< 40 uses) (links to shop=rental)

... and a boat rental;
a) amenity=boat_rental (2k uses), boat_rental=yes (< 10 uses)
b) rental=boat (< 50 uses) (rental:boat=yes not used)
c) boat:rental=yes (< 20 uses) (links to shop=rental)

Now we are looking for the best way to tag a place where horses are for 

The corresponding current numbers for horse rentals are:
a) amenity=horse_rental : 5 uses, horse_rental=yes : 1 use
b) rental=horse : 5 uses (rental:horse=yes not used)
c) horse:rental=yes : 1 use (links to shop=rental)

I wrote that I think the best way would be
a) amenity=horse_rental or horse_rental=yes (if secondary activity)
and wrote I don't like
c) horse:rental=yes
for the following reasons:
- horses are usually not sold nor rented in shops
- horses are no vehicles and no equipment and shop=rental is for these
- amenity=horse_rental is like how car, bicycle. and boat rentals are 
usually tagged

Why doyou nevertheless prefer to tag a horse rental with b) rental=horse 
rather than with a) amenoty=horse_rental or with horse_rental=yes? Why 
should we propose to tag them in a differnt way than bicycle or boat 
rentals? I think this would be unnecessarily confusing. Thanks.

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