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> On 2. Sep 2018, at 14:44, Andrew Harvey <andrew.harvey4 at gmail.com> wrote:
> If this is the consensus then we should change the wiki as it
> currently says "A subway entrance is a place where people enter or
> exit a train station", it should be enter or exit a subway (mass rapid
> transit train) station.

thanks for spotting this. It used to be like this, here’s the “offending” edit:

>> Is there a tag for heavy rail above ground station entrances? These usually have branded signage visible on the streets of where to enter the train station.
>> entrance=*
> How about entrance=yes + train=yes + tunnel=yes (only when the
> entrance is above ground and leads down stairs to the underground
> train station) + name = station name, network + operator tags?

I would not add tunnel=yes to a node (which is what entrances usually are), for the actual footway tunnel which connects the entrance with the station, you could add location=underground and tunnel=*
The station related information should go to the station, as long as the entrance is connected it would “work” for routing without additional tags.

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