[Tagging] Tagging suggestions for electricity

Dolly Andriatsiferana privatemajory at gmail.com
Sun Sep 2 15:08:12 UTC 2018

Thank you all for your helpful inputs.

- those who use individual power source for the building
> (generator/windmill/solar panel...)
> There are a few methods in the data base. I looked in taginfo for the
> value solar;
> the dominate one with over 160,000 uses is generator:source=solar
> Of course this would need to be combined wit the tag power=generator.
> This is an existing tag .. I see no limit on the size of the power
> generation so small should be fine.

> - those who have no electricity at all
>  If it has none of the above tags ... then it may have no electricity.
> Could be the default state for rural Africa.
> Adding the tag power=no maybe an idea?
> There is a little use of things like power_source=no, power_supply=no.

As already stated above:

power=* key is intended for infrastructure related power producing,
> transmitting or distributing the power.
> power_supply=* is here to map places where you can find power for
> different purposes (like water taps for water if I can make such a link)

both of power and power_supply already have their specific domains and
aren't applicable to individual buildings.

So for now we have:

What about *utilities:electricity=yes*

>  *electricity:connected=yes/no*

> wouldn't it be much simpler just to say this house / building has power
> connected / available: *electricity = yes / no*?

To make it simple, for our ongoing mapping project we're going to use the
*electricity=yes/no/grid/solar/generator/whatever_the_source_is* system and
omit any specific detail such as standard, current or grounding system to
avoid possible conflicting tagging with other electricity-related tags
(power, power_supply...). It's only very general and this way will be more
coherent to almost of the ~ 400 current use of the tag.

All the best.
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