[Tagging] Coastline for rivers, estuaries and mangroves?

Graeme Fitzpatrick graemefitz1 at gmail.com
Sun Sep 9 21:02:21 UTC 2018

On Mon, 10 Sep 2018 at 04:43, Christoph Hormann <osm at imagico.de> wrote:

> I would probably use waterway=tidal_channel since the term 'creek' which
> i think you have correctly identified as the English language term for
> this is ambiguous ('creek' as you also say is also used for inland
> waterways).  The German term is 'Priel' which is clearer but would be
> useless and confusing for those who don't speak German.
> Yes, drawing a line between a tidal channel and a river is difficult but
> the purpose would be to offer mappers an option in cases where
> waterway=river is clearly not correct, not to allow doubt free
> decisions in all boundary cases.

How about:



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