[Tagging] What is a terrace after all?

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> On 10. Sep 2018, at 09:46, Colin Smale <colin.smale at xs4all.nl> wrote:
> For an individual dwelling, we have building=house. For the entire row as a single building, building=terrace_of_houses might be better, or otherwise building=housing_terrace. But not building=terraced_house as that implies a single dwelling.

+1, that’s what I tried to say (I would map individual terraced houses and add building=terraced_house). For individual houses there is also building=detached, building=semi detached etc. , that’s one reason why building=terrace is unclear (whole terrace of houses or a single terraced house?). Building:part / building =terrace could also be intended for a covered terrace (paved horizontal outdoor area). Covered because that would imply it is a building (at least in some cases).

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